Traffic Guide



The new Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in the northern city of Guangzhou, about 28 km from the city centre.



• If you take a taxi trip for about 40 minutes, probably to spend 150 RMB (including the highway tolls);

• or you can choose to take Airport Express Line to the city centre, the grid interval 15 to 60 minutes, prices from 13 to 36 RMB, if not a big traffic jam, about 1 hour trip.












Guangzhou City Taxi priced at 2.60 RMB / km, starting price of 7 RMB / 2.3 km, the oil surcharge for each 2 RMB.

You can take to the taxi driver print the invoice.

Guangzhou taxi recommended brands:

Guangzhou Baiyun Taxi (Blue)

• GJ Tourism Vehicle Taxi (Yellow)

• Guangzhou Transport Group Taxi







• To Pazhou Complex A, please take metro Line 2 to Xingang Dong Station and choose Exit A;

• To Pazhou Complex B, please take metro Line 2 to Pazhou Station and choose Exit B.

Guangzhou now has 4 Metro lines (Guangzhou Metro System Map)

• Line 1: Guangzhou East Railway Station – Xilang

Interchange Station: Gongyuanqian (to Line 2), Guangzhou East Railway Station (to Line 3), Tiyu Xilu (to Line 3)

• Line 2: Jiahewanggang – Guangzhou South Railway Station

Interchange Station: Gongyuanqian (to Line 1), Kecun (to Line 2), Wanshengwei (to Line 4)

• Line 3: Panyu Square Guangzhou South Airport Station / Tianhe Coach Terminal

Interchange Station: Guangzhou East Railway Station (to Line 1), Tiyu Xilu(to Line 1), Kecun (to Line 2)

• Line 4: Huangcun – Jinzhou

Interchange Station: Wanshengwei (to Line 2), Chebeinan (to Line 5)

Line 5: Wenchong-Jiaokou

Interchange Station: Guangzhou Railway Station (to Line 2), Yangji (to Line 1), Zhujiang New Town (to Line 3), Chebeinan (to Line 4)

Line 8: Fenghuang Xincun- Wanshengwei

Interchange Station: Changgang (to Line 2), Kecun (to Line 3), Wanshengwei (to Line 4)


By way of Hong Kong, how to Guangzhou










If you via Hong Kong to Guangzhou , you can choose the following manner:

• From the Hong Kong International Airport on to New Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport flights, flight time requires about 45 minutes.

• The MTR's Guangdong lines offer you a choice of conveniently timed Intercity.