Booth Fees

 Booth Category  Price (Unit: USD)
 Standard Booth (3m×3m)  USD 1,800 /Booth
 Luxury Standard Booth (3m×3m)  USD 2,500 /Booth
 Raw Space  USD 180 /sq.m


1. Standard Booth Facilities: 3m×3m (Three white boards (2.5m height), one desk, two chairs, two lights, door lintel (both Chinese and English), one dustbin, Carpet.

2. For standard booth, other facilities wanted can self-supply or rent from the Exhibition Hall in advance.

3. For two-size open Standard Booth, 10% booth fees will be added.

4. For Raw Space, the least rental area is 36m2 with no facility provided, so exhibitors need to have the booth designed and decorated. (Special design management fees: RMB 28 Yuan/ m2)



                   Standard Booth                                                                          Luxury Standard Booth


Advertising Rate

 Show Catalogue Ad  USD 800 / page 
 Website Banner Ad  USD 1600 / year


For more advertising rate, please feel free to contact the organizing committee.