Guangzhou Sightseeing Information


Situated in the heart of the Pearl River delta of southeastern China, the city of Guangzhou has a 2,000 year history as the earliest trading port in the country.


Top 10 Attractions


Shamian(沙面)-The First European Settlement in China

Dating back to the 19 Century Shamian was leased to the British and French as an Opium War trophy. With over 150 styles of European architecture many of the houses have been restored to their original splendor and are used as offices, restaurants and museums (Metro Line 1-Huangsha Station).


Shang Xia Jiu(上下九)-Site of “The Hongs”-Original Chinese import and export Firms

Streets lined with tenement houses formerly used as offices and homes of Chinese traders doing business with foreigners are being preserved and renovated into shopping and dining facilities. A pedestrian zone and a night market make Shang Xia Jiu a popular spot for tourists and local’s alike (Metro Line 1-Changshou Lu Station).


Pearl River Promenade(沿江长廊)

Enjoy the day and night views of the Pearl River and the scenes on both sides of the river bank, with many restaurants and bars to choose from(Metro Line 2-Haizhu Square Station).


Wende Lu(文德路)

In this area famous for selling Chinese antiques and paintings you will find hundreds of shops selling works of art by thousands artists form all over China(Metro Line 1 or 2-Gongyuanqian Station).


Guangzhou Tea Market

Located at Fang Cun Dadao Zhong(芳村大道中),it is the largest tea market in China with more than 6,000 shops selling all kinds of tea and artistic Chinese tea sets.


Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall(中山纪念堂,1931)

Built to commemorate the founder of modern China-Dr.Sun Yat Sen, the location of the building is on the original site of the presidential house. The traditional octagon-shaped Chinese palace style architecture is a masterpiece of modern China (Metro Line 2- Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall Station).


Guangdong Museum of Art

Located on Er Sha lsland, the Guangdong Museum of Art was opened in 1997.The multi-function art museum has 12 indoor halls and open outdoor exhibition ground(next to Xing Hai Theatre, Er Sha lsland).


Xing Hai Theatre

Also located on Er Sha lsland, Xing Hai Theatre has 1,500-seat grand theatre and 460-seat concert hall. East of the main building is the musical fountain and the “stage-on-water”.


Western Han Nan Yue King Museum(西汉南越王墓博物馆)

During the site excavation for the construction of the China Hotel twenty years ago, a Han Dynasty tomb was discovered. The tomb has a history of more than 2,000 years and is the oldest underground structure ever discovered in southern China(Metro Line 2-Yue Xiu Park Station).


Grandview Mall at Zhengjia Square

The 7-story Grandview Mall, currently the largest facility of its kind in Asia, has more than 1,000 shops and features a Chinese gourmet street with more than 20 restaurants, an ice skating rink, cinemas, and a 10,000 sqm children's theme park. Outside the mall is a 6,000 sqm open plaza decorated with Hawaiian palm trees and the highest musical fountain in China (Metro Line 1-Tianhe Sports Center Station).